Tips on how to handle Student Rental Property Management

When you own residential property in an area near a university or college, you will most likely be renting to college students at some point in time or all of the time. The student pool of renters can be quite large, especially in a big city or college town. When you own an apartment complex or large rental home, you can make a pretty penny by renting to students, if you learn the right tools and tips to use to your advantage. Not a Huge Risk Most property owners do not want to rent to the under 25 crowd as… [Read More]

Property Management isn’t something just anyone can do

Property management is not a service that everyone can provide. Individuals working in the field of property management need to possess certain qualities such as leadership and customer service. As a property investor, it is recommended that you hire a property management company to handle the day to day operations of your rental properties. But who should you hire? The position is quite demanding and you need to hire someone who can handle the fast-paced needs of your tenants. Who to Trust? Your rental properties are investments and should be handled with care. When you are hiring a property manager… [Read More]

Is a security system necessary for my commercial property?

When owning commercial property, there are several challenges that come into play when it comes to the management aspects. Safety of employees is a big concern and can be a liability of the property owner. Often times, security measures are overlooked, especially by those who are just entering into the world of commercial ownership. Not only should those on site be protected, but you also want to have a deterrent when it comes to theft and vandalism. Your commercial property management team might suggest a security system be put in place to help with such issues. Regulations for Security To… [Read More]

How to Effectively deal with Tenant Complaints

As a rental property owner, you will have to deal with tenants on a regular basis. Over the years, you will learn quickly that people are very different. You may have a few tenants that are easy going and cause no problems while you might have other tenants who are constantly fussing and complaining. It is important to learn how to deal with tenant complaints properly to be successful in owning rental property. Property Management Companies One of the best ways to deal with tenant complaints is to have someone else handle them for you. A property management company has… [Read More]

Finding the right property management company for you

Once you begin to invest in rental property, you may soon find yourself overwhelmed. From dealing with the tenant needs to property upkeep, you can easily become very busy. With a residential property management company in place, you have a team in place that can assist you, taking the burden of day to day responsibilities off your shoulders. Learn if you need a property manager as well as what characteristics to look for below. Do you need help? Not all property owners of rental buildings will need a property management firm but most find it does help to have someone… [Read More]

Are you looking for an eco-friendly space to live in?

When owning a condo building, you know that you have the ability to generate income by renting out each individual condo. With a quality property management team in place, plus comfort amenities and nice features, you can earn a nice return on your investment. However, today’s renters are looking for something more. Renters today want to see eco-friendly features and amenities in their apartment or condo rentals. There are many ways you can make your condo property more eco-friendly, to cater to this new niche and help the environment in the process. LEED The term LEED stands for Leadership in… [Read More]

Why Hiring a Property Manager is a Good Move for First Time Rentals

Buying real estate to use for rental properties is always a good idea, especially when the market offers affordable purchasing power. However, if you are a first time investor, you must be careful. You can easily become overwhelmed by the rental process and lose sight as to what you should be doing to succeed. To start off on the right foot, it is essential that you hire a qualified property manager to handle the day to day operations for you. The property manager will help you see a return on your investment. Property Managers have experience To begin, property managers… [Read More]

The Changing Nature of Commercial Property Management

Technology continues to change the way we do business, even when it comes to property management. With new technology, property managers have the ability to use software to easily keep track of each property you own, knowing exactly when repairs are needed, maintenance checks and which properties are occupied or empty. With the use of software technology, gone are the days when property managers had to keep paperwork on hand and sort through files for information. And while technology has played a major role in helping managers stay more organized, it can come at a loss of face-to-face contact with… [Read More]

Renting your Property: 3 Key Benefits of Hiring a Rental Property Manager

When owning commercial or residential property for rental investment, it is most beneficial to hire a property management company. With a quality property management team at the helm, your investment properties will thrive. You will be able to provide top notch customer service to your tenants as well as see the upkeep of your properties continued on a regular basis. If you are still on the fence as to whether or not you should hire a management team, read on below to see a few key benefits. Handling of Tenants When you own rental property, you must work with tenants… [Read More]

Property Management: 5 Inexpensive Ways to Attract Tenants in Kitchener

When it comes to owning rental property, the goal is to have steady tenants. Whether you have a vacation home for rent, commercial or residential property, you need to find tenants who will stick around so you can earn a steady income. But how do you attract tenants to your properties? If you are just starting out with real estate investments, your budget is most likely limited. Read on to find out how you can attract tenants in Kitchener in an inexpensive way. Social Media One of the best ways to attract new tenants is via social media. If you… [Read More]