What Can I Do About a Rude Property Manager?

rudepropertymanager_jan1Dealing with a rude property manager is never fun. If you are the tenant of the property, you may feel like you are being treated unfairly or just do not enjoy the communication you have with the person in charge of helping you with issues of the property. As the landlord, you expect a property manager to be courteous with yourself as well as others. When the property management team is unkind, it sends a red flat that they may not be treating your tenants well.

The Role of the Property Manager

Individuals who serve as property managers need to be friendly and practice quality customer service. They should listen to the needs of the tenant and work quickly to provide a solution. There should be no rude behavior or snarky comments. However, some times, individuals take on the role of property manager and they are not prepared to deal with the difficult public. As a property manager, one must be able to keep their cool no matter how difficult or annoying the situation with the tenant or landlord.

As the Tenant

If you are the tenant of a property and are dealing with a difficult manager, know your rights. Look at the contract you hold with the property and find out what you can do. Keep track of everything you talk about with the manager in writing. Have a copy of your lease, have a letter to request maintenance or repairs needs that you send to management and keep a copy for yourself. Take pictures of the repair issues or document problems in the home. By having physical proof, you will have a backup to any claims you may have in the future. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to the manager or their higher up. Be nice and show your concern over how you are being treated. If everyone can act like adults, you may be able to remedy the situation easily.

As the Landlord

When you are the landlord, you are in control. When you work with a property management company, you will sign an agreement for service. But is the company holding up to their end of the deal? Keep printouts of emails you receive from the rude property manager and any other correspondence to be able to show how you have been treated. Speak to any higher ups or the individual and see how you can work out your differences. Do not be afraid to stand your ground as the company is supposed to be providing you with a service. This is your company. When you have someone that is rude to you or your customers, it can be damaging to your business.

Consider breaking your contract with the property management company and alert them as to why you want to stop using their services. You may find once you take this action, they begin to change the way they are acting.

Overall, it is important to choose a quality property management company such as Latitude Properties Limited for your management needs to avoid any rude or unfriendly dealings. Work with only the best to ensure you are successful in your landlord endeavors.