How to Find a Reliable Property Manager

Finding a reliable property management service for Kitchener properties is a must if you want to be successful. It can be quite difficult to handle the day to day operations yourself. With a team in place, you will find the tenants are happier and you are making more money on your investments in the long term. But how do you find a reliable property manager? What should you look for? Read on to find quality tips on locating a property manager for your real estate investment needs.

Research Online

The internet is your friend when it comes to finding out details about prospective property management companies. By going online, you can research various management companies in your area. Visit a search engine and type in ‘property management companies’ with the location of your property included in the search field. You want to take a look at the company websites, look for customer reviews, etc., finding out as much as possible about the company.


A proper management company will be licensed and able to provide legit services for your real estate investments. Look for licensing information or simply ask a company what licensing or qualifications they may have.

What Services are Provided?

When hiring a property management company, you want to get the most bang for your buck. While some property managers simply collect and process rent payments, others will offer more extensive service options. Consider what you would like to have for your properties. Take time to consider your specific needs and then find a company that offers such services. It is recommended that you hire a company that will deal with the tenant side of the business as well as take care of maintenance and repair needs.

Compare Fees

This is an important factor. Once you have determined a company’s reputation and services offered you want to compare fees. It is important to find out how the company charges for their services. Some charge a flat rate per month while others charge a percentage based on the services they are providing. You want to find affordable service options that help you with property management but also see you earn a profit in the process.

Interview Several Options

During your research process, narrow down potential property management companies to a select few. Take time to compare all aspects of each company to make the best decision for your rental needs. Interview each company you are interested in to see what they can offer you. Look for experience, professionalism and services rendered. Once you have interviewed each company you should have a better idea as to who you wish to work with. Meeting in person can be very beneficial as you can determine who you connect and get along with.

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